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School Notices
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S2 Geography Visit - Zero Carbon Building2018-06-1117192參加者
Post-exam Activities and Miscellaneous2018-06-1117190中一至中五
Indoor Climbing activity2018-05-2317186參加者
Sky 100 Visit2018-05-2317185參加者
Jockey Club Hong Kong History Learning Programme Oral History Workshop2018-05-2317181參加者
Final Examination and term end business 20182018-05-2317178中一至中五
Annual Speech Day 2017-20182018-05-2317177中一至中五
An Exploration into Sports, History and Culture of Huizhou2018-05-2317162參加者
Life Journey Activity2018-05-2317176參加者
Enhancing Writing Skill2018-05-0417175參加者
Park Orienteering Activity2018-05-0417174參加者
Visit Hong Kong Film Archive: Film Appreciation (5C, 5D)2018-05-0417172中五丙丁班
Visit Hong Kong Film Archive: Film Appreciation (5A, 5B)2018-05-0417171中五甲乙班
L.S. Society Activity2018-05-0417170參加者
Online Addiction Counselling Parents workshop2018-05-0417108中一至中五
2018 World Book Day Fest2018-04-2017169參加者
Sport Climbing activity2018-04-2017168參加者
Visit HKDI Gallery - Red Dot Design Exhibition ‘Homo Ex Data’2018-04-2017157中四
School Chaplaincy Ministry Fund Donation2018-04-2017156中一至中五
Parental Consent on Participation in Swimming lessons 17-18 (S2)2018-04-2017155中二
Parental Consent on Participation in Swimming lessons 17-18 (S1)2018-04-2017154中一
CCC Centennial Anniversary Joint Secondary School Art Exhibition2018-03-2717150參加者
Pui Ching Drama Nite2018-03-2717149參加者
Field Trip in Cheung Chau: Globalization in Eating Habits2018-03-2717148參加者
Saturday Mathematics Tutorial Class2018-03-2717147參加者
Subscribe Chinese Literature Textbook2018-03-2717146參加者
S3 Extensive Reading and Writing Enhancement Course For Elite Students (Chinese Language)2018-03-2717145參加者
Activity of Student Fellowship2018-03-2717144參加者
Easter Holidays and Miscellaneous2018-03-2717143
S5 History Heritage Tour (7/4/2018)2018-03-2717140參加者

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