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School Notices
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Other Learning Experience - Aesthetic Development2017-12-1117088中四及中五
2017-2018 Winter Precaution - Fight Crime2017-12-1117086參加者
English Language Institute in China (ELIC) English Summer Program2017-12-1117078中一至中三
S3 cross-subject (Bio, Chem, Geog) Activity: Water Quality survey2017-12-1117077參加者
Religious Activity 2017-12-1117076參加者
25th Swimming Gala (2017-2018)2017-12-1117074全校
Community Youth Club Activity2017-12-0417084
Visiting Joint Publishing HK (Tsuen Wan Branch)2017-12-0417083參加者
Chinese and English Speech Festival2017-11-1717075參加者
S5C Mathematics Activity2017-11-1517073中五丙班
Purchase of HKDSE 2017 past papers (English)2017-11-1517072中五,中六
Scout Outing2017-11-1517071參加者
2017-18 Mathematics Team Training Course2017-11-1517070參加者
Purchase S6 Mock paper (Mathematics)2017-11-1517069個別同學
An Exploration into the History and Culture of Nanjing (B)2017-11-1517061參加者
An Exploration into the History and Culture of Nanjing (A)2017-11-1517061參加者
A briefing on S1 Entrance Procedure and Campus Tour2017-11-1517055參加者
Police Touch2017-11-0917067參加者
Seminar on study in Japan2017-11-0917066參加者
Asbury Methodist Social Service: Senior Citizen Festival2017-11-0917065中五
Parent Day (4-11-2017)2017-11-0917062參加者
Chinese Reading and Writing Enrichment Programme(Junior Form)2017-10-2317064參加者
The subscription of Chinese DSE Mock Exercise Books (S6) 2017-10-2317063中六甲乙丙丁戊班
S3 Life-wide Learning Day (S3B,S3D)2017-10-2317060中三乙,丁班
S3 Life-wide Learning Day (S3A,S3C)2017-10-2317059中三甲,丙班
Prefect Training Day2017-10-2317058個別同學
First-aid training2017-10-2317047中五
AGM of Parent-Teacher Association&S3 to S4 Subject Selection Talk2017-10-2317053全校
School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes (1st term)(Acceptance)2017-10-2317052參加者
Chinese Reading and Writing Classes (S5) 2017-10-2317051參加者

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