CCC Chuen Yuen College
School Notices
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Chinese Reading and Writing Classes (S4) 2017-10-2317050參加者
Conservancy Club - Ecotourism2017-10-2317048參加者
A notice on becoming the member of CYC badminton team2017-10-2317043參加者
2017-2018 Basketball Team (Training and inter-school competitions)2017-10-2317042參加者
School-based After-school Learning and Support Programmes (1st term)2017-10-0917041中一至中三
CCC Sunday Donation2017-10-0917040全校
S2 English Ambassador 2017-20182017-10-0917038中二
S1 Story-telling Course 2017-20182017-10-0917037中一
Winter uniform and tracksuit2017-10-0917036全校
S3&S4 Docudrama Course 2017-20182017-10-0917039中三及中四
Training for the librarians2017-09-2217018
Parent-Teacher Association - Sharing session for S1 parents2017-09-2017035S1
Purchase of periodicals of Liberal Studies2017-09-1917033
Extra-curricular Activities (Clubs and Societies)2017-09-1917034S1-6
School-based Assessment (S5)2017-09-1817029S5
School-based Assessment (S6)2017-09-1817030S6
First Term Uniform Test 2017-20182017-09-1817031S1-6
S1 English Enhancement Course2017-09-0717015S1-6
Stay Vigilant Against Communicable Diseases2017-09-0117002S1-6
Bad Weather arrangement2017-09-0117003S1-6
Music Activity2017-09-0117006S1-6
Extension of school hours in Form One classes2017-09-0117009S1-6
Matters about Term Start 2017-20182017-09-0117001S1-6

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