CCC Chuen Yuen College
Principal's Message

CCC Chuen Yuen College - Mr. Wong Wai Yiu (Principal)

When the school bell rings, a new academic year begins. Welcome back. It is so nice to meet you all in this wonderful morning after summer. Are you ready to live a successful year in the coming months?
In this summer, there was an eye catching event: the Rio Olympic 2016. Though the event finished a week’s ago, it left so many touching stories behind. It was about win of lose, success or failure. Although win or lose is clear cut, the success of a player does never solely rest on the medal. Their spirits and their dedication for perfection are always what we admire and applause.
Joseph Schooling, the Singaporean gold medalist who beat his hero, Michael Phelps in the 100m butterfly is a typical achiever in this summer. When Joseph was seven, he was so dedicated to swimming that he chose to attend swimming training instead of going to a pleasure trip. He set the Olypmpic Game his target while he was nine years of age. When he was twelve, he swam with Michael Phelps before the Peking Olympics and Joseph succeeded to beat Phelps in this August. His clear goal, fearless to tough trainings, together with determination, wins him the success in this summer.
Sarah Lee Wai Sze, our idol in track cycling, lost the game in both the sprint and Keirin. Yet she won the praises and love from all hongkongers for her undefeatable courage and dedication. Throughout these years, she strived against tough and painful training and struggled for the races in the summer Olympic. She fell down, being hurt and she stood up to complete the races. Bearing all the pains, she lost in the game, our love to her remains the same and we appreciate her courage and dedication.
In the Women’s Volley Ball, the Chinese team did a very good job. Although their performance at the beginning was no so good, they did not give-up. In the matches that followed, they played very hard and their never-give-up spirit finally earned them the gold medal. The coach Lang Ping said, “The spirit of our team rests not on winning the champion, but strives hard at times even when we know we shall not win.”
The road to success is never easy, particularly in the Olympic Games where all participants are the world’s top players. The Aim, the belief, the courage, the determination and the effort that the player possess are the tips to success. Boys and Girls, let’s learn the tips from these top players. I call these tips ABCDE. A, the Aim. B the Belief, C the Courage, D their determination and E the effort.
What is the meaning of success to you? It must be something so good that you want to spend your life to get it. It is the Aim of your life. No matter it is big or small, they are milestones in the path that build up your life. Aims have to become true, otherwise, they are just dreams. Work out plans to achieve your aims. Boys and Girls, what are your aims? Can you spell out your aims? If you have no idea about your aims, I tell you this: to know yourself and to equip yourself. Every day you stay in the school, you know more about yourself and you learn more knowledge and skill that can develop you to a fuller extent, and
finally help you to realize your ultimate goal. A clear aim can make your school life more purposeful and worth working hard.
B is for Believing. In the path to success, there is always obstacles and hardship. You work hard and still you cannot get what you want. Sometimes the challenge is so big that you may feel worry and despair. Do not afraid. Believe that “Rome was not built in one day”. Believe that “No pain no gain”. Believe that you are closer to your target day by day, if you do not give up. Keep on believing and keep on trying.
C is for courage. When you learn a new topic or a new skill, you need to try hard, you need to practice hard. Working hard does not guarantee immediate mastery of the knowledge or skill. You get fail even after day and night practices. Success seems like a long way journey. You may feel helpless. Do reflection on your past experiences, find out the strengths and weakness of yourself. Sharpen your edges and make improvements. I agree that this is difficult but again, keep on believing and have the courage to beat the temptation to give up. Your endurance and the courage to insist on striving hard will bring fruit to you.
The determination to succeed is also crucial. To avoid failure or difficulties, some people will relax their line of success. Some students will drop out while the top players will insist on the best, even the best will bring them pain. Instead of giving up, pay extra effort, work even harder, and seek advice from people who can help you. Stand up from where you failed previously. Your determination to succeed brings you final success.
Lastly, the Effort. The effort you pay, the work you do in the learning process is the main ingredient of your success, the un-expendable cause of success. Knowledge and Wisdom is learnt. It is the experience accumulated bit by bit. It is the crystal of tear and sweat in the process of studying. It is gain from your perseverance. “You reap what you sow”.
I wish you all success. I also want you all to excel in a holistic way. Therefore, I suggest you to get hold of every opportunity to learn. Academically, study well and get good marks in test and examination. Other than that, we want you to get involve in various school activities outside the classroom. Every House or club activity is by itself a learning arena. You can develop friendship. You can know your potentials and develop them in full, so that you can understand more on yourself and be able to appreciate school life. Furthermore, I would also suggest you to expand your social awareness. Care about what is going on in Hong Kong, in China and even the world. Read more and become a people of wide perspectives. This is surely what a teenager of Hong Kong should aim for.
I would also like to draw your attention to our school motto “To discern like Jesus and be perfect like God”. I would suggest you to know our Lord Jesus and to learn about His Love and teachings. Love your neighbors, live harmoniously and have patience to your classmates. Help each other and support each
other in studying and daily living. Build CYC a place of Love and respect.
To sum up, I wish you all prepare to accept new challenges in the new school year, get hold of every opportunity to learn, to love each other, to succeed. Then we can make Chuen Yuen a place full of God’s blessing, an ideal school to live in. If you do what has been told, I have confident that you will succeed.