CCC Chuen Yuen College

中華基督教會全完中學      黃偉耀校長

Welcome back to the school. Nice to meet you again on this very first day of a school year. It is worth awaiting because today marks a new chapter in your learning. For S1 students, you are no more primary kids. You will become energetic young adults very soon. For S6 students, it is your last year in your secondary schooling. For the rest of you, you have promoted to a new form. New knowledge, new friends and new experiences are ready for you to explore. Is it worth expecting? Yes, I believe that this year will be a more challenging and fruitful year to you. Let us cherish the challenges and enjoy the fruit of our growth at the end.

What you normally do at a new beginning? You don’t just sit down and wait for something happens, right? Normally, you have an expectation. You want something to be achieved at the end. Everybody wants to have a good start and ends up with a success, right? So you make plans because you know “fail to plan is plan to fail”. You also know that a good beginning is half the way to success. So I hope that and I believe that most of you do prepare to make a good plan for your learning in this school year. However, even you plan well, it doesn’t guarantee that you will succeed. That is a fact of life.

Many of us fail not because we don’t have a plan. Many of us fail because we are not persistent enough. There are too many distractions along the way and we get lost. For example, when we are doing homework, our mobile phone rings and we then indulge in the whatsapp dialogue with our friends. Sometimes we are too bad in time planning that we have insufficient time to finish our task. After finishing an internet game, we spare no time for doing homework. We don’t want to do exercises when the weather is not good. Or simply, we are not striving hard enough (to our targets) and go to another direction not leading to the target. Also, our self control or perseverance is questionable.

To help you to succeed, I want to show you an experiment. [experiment]
I want to get as much as treasures to this beaker and in particular I want it to include my big treasures.

The beaker here represents the capacity we have. It may be time, it may be our well-being or even our money.

The big marbles represents important things that we treasure much and we call it our target. For example, getting good grades in examination, get a medal in an open competition, good health, etc.
The sand here may represent some non-essential things but some distractions, such as chatting, watching TV, chatting or doing nothing and etc.

Parents told me that their sons/daughters spend all the nights in playing online games, chatting with friend but at the same time they know they have homework to hand in.

If you keep on putting sand into the beaker, gradually it become full and you cannot contain your big
marble into it at the time you aware that it is your target to get it included.

If we do it another way, we put in the rock first, you do your revision first, complete your big things
first, you still can put into it sand, the little thing that you enjoy.

This experiment tell us a simple truth: In order to achieve your goal, you need to put first thing first.
If you spend all your energy, your resources on non essential things, you end up to miss the
important things. You will never get your target achieved. However, if you put first thing first, then,
you can enjoy the benefit of the less important things and you still have your favorite but non
essential targets achieved.

My tips to you today : Put first things First. If you can put first thing first, you are a proactive

To put first thing first, you know what are your priorities. You have in your mind your dear target.
And you stick to it consistently. You work on things that are important to bring success to your target,
you stop yourself from going astray. Your resources, your energy are deployed in the way that you
have thought carefully. In this way, you are more than half way to success. Your award is near.

Boys and girls, I hope that you will make a good plan for your new year and work hard to make your
goals achieve. In the mid of your process, remember always put first thing first. With your desperate
effort, I believe that you will get your harvest by the end of the school year. And I believe that God
will help you as well. Thank you.