Objectives (2017-18):

  • To enhance learning and teaching quantity
    - to advise the school on academic matters
    - to coordinate department HeadíŽs meetings for the implementation of academic matters and curriculum developmentt
    - to coordinate enhancement and remedial measures including supplementary lessons held after-school or in holidays, PTA tutorial class etc.
    - to coordinate with the library in the running of the Reading Scheme
    - to plan trainings for teachersíŽ professional development.

  • To implement measures catering for students’ diversity
    - Streaming policy
    - Homework classes (S.1 – S.6)
    - Academic Adviser Schemes (S.5, S.6)
    - Alumni Mentoring Schemes (S.5, S.6)
    - CYC Outstanding Students’ Training Scheme

  • To do research and analysis of examination results
    - Pre S.1 Attainment Test
    - S.3 TSA
    - HKDSE
    - HKALE
    - Schools Value-Added Information

  • To coordinate work related to school promotion

  • To conduct various awards and scholarship
    - Academic Award Scheme (S.1 – S.3)
    - Alumni Scholarship (S.1 – S.6)
    - Other awards and scholarship outside school




Staff Development
School Image
Examinations Team
I.T. Team