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School Notices
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A Journey of Chinese literature to Suzhow2018-11-1218068參加者
A life adventurous activity "Life and Death"2018-11-0918067參加者
Zhaoqing Sister School English Activity and Chinese Cultural Tour2018-11-0918078參加者
F3 Drama Appreciation2018-11-0818077S3
Chinese and English Speech Festival2018-11-0818076參加者
Purchase of HKDSE past papers (Mathematics)2018-11-0718075參加者
48th Annual Athletic Meets2018-11-0618065全校
S5 Biology Ecological Field Study2018-11-0618069參加者
S6 Geography Pre-mock Revision2018-11-0218072參加者
Inno Tech Math 2018 - Inno carnival2018-10-3118071參加者
S2 & S3 Mathematics team training course2018-10-2918070參加者
Visit to the Education Path at the Civil Aviation Department Headquartery2018-10-2518062參加者
S3 Life-wide Learning Day (S3A,S3C)2018-10-2318063S3A S3C
S3 Life-wide Learning Day (S3B,S3D)2018-10-2318063S3B S3D
Modern Dance Training Class 18-192018-10-1918058參加者
S1 Mathematics remedial course 2018-10-1918057參加者
AGM of Parent-Teacher Association &S3 to S4 Subject Selection Talk2018-10-1618055全校
S1 Parents Workshop by Guidance Committee2018-10-1518053S1
S1 Mathematics team training course2018-10-1518042參加者
Subscription of Ming Pao Life Planing Newspaper2018-10-1018052參加者
School Picnic (S2 Revised)2018-10-0918054S2
Purchase of "Econschool"(Biweekly Periodical)2018-10-0918051參加者
Training for the Librarians2018-10-0518047參加者
Chinese Reading and Writing Class (S5)2018-10-0318044參加者
Chinese Reading and Writing Class (S4)2018-10-0318043參加者
Running Team Training Course2018-09-2618039
S1 English Enhancement Course2018-09-2618041參加者
Winter Uniform and Tracksuit2018-09-2618038全校
2018-19 Volleyball Teams Training Course2018-09-2618029參加者

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