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School Notices
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70th Hong Kong School Speech Festival2018-09-2618016參加者
S3 Docudrama Course 2018-20192018-09-2618015參加者
S2 English Ambassador 2018-20192018-09-2618014參加者
(S1 Story-telling Course) 2018-20192018-09-2618013參加者
2018-2019 Drama Club Training Course2018-09-2418040參加者
Parent-Teacher Association-Sharing session for S1 parents2018-09-1918021S1
Deferring the Subscription fee of e-notice CampusApp2018-09-1918037全校
School Picnic2018-09-1918030全校
Frist Term Uniform Test 2018-20192018-09-1718031全校
Purchase of periodicals of Liberal Studies2018-09-1718028參加者
Extra-curricular Activities (Clubs and Societies) (2018-2019)2018-09-1718027全校
A note on becoming the member of CYC badminton team2018-09-1718026參加者
School-based Assessment (S6)2018-09-1718023S6
School-based Assessment (S5)2018-09-1718022S5
S5 Reading and Writing Tutorial Class2018-09-1418012參加者
Student Reporter Training Course2018-09-1418011參加者
Swimming Team Training Course2018-09-1318024參加者
S4 Community Services2018-09-1218010S4
Hong Kong Heritage Museum Exhibition: Digital Dunhuang - Tales of Heaven and Earth2018-09-1118020參加者
Table-tennis Team Training Course2018-09-1018017參加者
Education Sunday2018-09-1018009參加者
Matters about Term Start 2018-20192018-09-0418001全校
SEN arrangement of DSE2018-09-0418007S4-6
Stay Vigilant Against Communicable Diseases2018-09-0318002全校
Bad Weather arrangement2018-09-0318003全校
Health Survey for Physical Education2018-09-0318004全校
Music related activities2018-09-0318005S1-3
Renewing PTA membership2018-09-0318006全校

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