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72nd Alumni Newsletter2021-03-23
71th Alumni Newsletter2021-02-08
70th Alumni Newsletter2020-11-05
Photos of 50th Anniversary Banquet2020-09-23
Alumni Newsletter (Special Edition) Sept 20202020-09-17
Arrangement of 50th Anniversary Banquet2019-10-29
69th Alumni Newsletter2019-09-24
Result of Nomination of Alumni school manager 2019-20212019-05-30
68th Alumni Newsletter2019-05-03
67th Alumni Newsletter (updated)2019-03-07
About 50th Anniversary School Journal2019-03-05
66th Alumni Newsletter2018-09-13
50th Anniversary Banquet Booking2018-05-10
65th Alumni Newsletter2018-05-10
50th Anniversary Banquet2018-05-10
64th Alumni Newsletter2017-10-16
Namelist of Alumni (updated on 2017-10-16)2017-10-16
63rd Alumni Newsletter2017-04-28

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