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Useful learning materials for S4-6 students. You can find most of the topics.

  ACD Labs ChemSketch
It is a freeware. This program allows you to draw the structures of different organic compounds, and it can name the compound for you. It is useful for the nomenclature in HKDSE.
  HKUST Chemistry for HKDSE
This webpage illustrates important concepts like bonding and structure, metallic properties, electrochemistry and organic reactions with animations.
  Reactions of metals
This webpage includes video of reactions of metals.
  Nomenclature of Organic Compounds
This webpage teaches you the principle for naming an organic compound.
  Chemistry Experimental Techniques
It is a useful webpage showing you different chemistry experimental techniques required in HKDSE.
Mass Spectrometry
This resource book will help facilitate the learning of the chapter of "Instrumental analytical methods" in the elective part of analytical chemistry in HKDSE Curriculum.
Visualising Chemistry
It is a webpage showing interesting chemistry experiments.

Chemical Elements.com


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